Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Summer learning journey. Activity 1 DAY 2



Activity 1: Faster than a speeding bullet
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is a world famous athlete (sprinter). 
She currently holds the record for the 100m sprint and has 
been crowned “world’s fastest woman” a record four times!
Shelly-Ann was born and educated in Jamaica, a small 
country in the Caribbean that has produced many 

successful athletes and sportspeople. During her 
college years she did well in athletics, winning the Jamaican 
Schools Championships at the age of 16. She subsequently 
went on to win many races at both the Olympics and the World 
Championships. Over the years people have compared her 
running speed and that of other elite sprinters, like Usain Bolt,
 to many things, including animals!
When people make these comparisons, they often say things
like: “Shelly-Ann is as fast as a cheetah” or “Shelly-
Ann is fast like a fighter jet”. These comparisons are
examples of similes. In many cases, similes are not exactly true.
For this activity, please create four new similes. 
You can use the starters below or you can make up your own.
… is as fast as… (eg: The brand new Ferrari
 is as fast as a lightning bolt)
… is as tall as…
… is as small as…
… is beautiful like...
On your blog, share the similes that you
 have created with your readers.

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