Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Digital Immersion

Garry from Digital Immersion. We learnt to programmed a robot to move from one place to the another by programming it.
It used a very special language called binary. It was hard to use it but then we got the hang of it and started working. We also looked a the words and they had colors like blue and purple. Its was called on and off . We used a app that was called mBlock is an app that you could code the robots what you ask them to do. 

In fact robots are actually dumb but they are not dumb if we tell them what to do. Like an example if i told you to move 2 spaces and your  next to the eage you will say "nah" or "why should I" but if you code and to move 2 spaces i will do it and fall down. My  group had heaps of fun but in the begging it was very   challenging, and wish to go and have another session with him again 

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