Friday, 6 April 2018

Mihi presentation

Mihi presentation Term 1

Thursday 5 of April 2018 the whole school said there mihi but only some of them.
Room 1 went first but it was interesting because the
little ones could speak confidently.

Next, it was room 7 i like there one because they also
spoke confidently but little bit down more.
After, them it was room 4 room.
Room 4 was kind of excellent but because
of there voice’s i hope they can speak up more so the
people can hear them. Then it came to room 10 we
were confident even the
teachers think we were excellent so then we finish.

Then room 5 room five were really good
but there voice was to fast it was hard to hear them.
Finally, it was room 9 they were confident
and there voice was good. Then we have to go
back to class so then the teacher sended has first because we were the confident class but our teacher said
“let’s pack up for today” then we did we picked up
all the chairs and put them away.

I really like mihi's because we get to know about
that person who is saying it and i also like because
it could be people’s first time speaking in maori.

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